Team information

Yuxuan Wang
Bachelor , Chinese

Qipu Xin

Yujia Miao

Di Zhao

Ruqi Chen

Minxian Shi


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Our vision

-A more interesting approach to protein supplementation for children and the efficient use of livestock processing by-products. -Make sure that parents don't worry about their children's nutritional deficiencies and give children around the world a joyful and nutritious childhood through MLB!

Our solution

-We have focused on liver proteins and combined 3D printing technology to design a protein supplement for children. -As a by-product of the processing of meat products, animal liver is rich in high-quality protein, but the current utilisation of liver protein is generally low. -Current nutritional products are available in a single format.We have responded to the playful nature of children by enabling them to play and supplement at the same time. -Using liver as a protein source, compounded with natural nutrients and applied to 3D printing pens, children can have fun and get quality protein at the same time.

Our market

-This project targets children, especially those in poor areas, who are prone to malnutrition, poor dietary structure and other nutritional problems that lead to protein deficiency or poor protein intake. -By making the best use of liver protein resources, it meets children's needs for protein and other nutrients, while incorporating 3D printing pens to enhance children's creativity and hands-on skills.

About the team

-Team members with professional knowledge of food nutrition and engineering manufacturing capabilities and unique innovative thinking. -A passion for food innovation and a reluctance to waste the by-products of animal processing.