Important Dates

Past event: Coming up: Leading the way in replacing animal protein

At WebinarJam, Tuesday 1 December 2020 from 13.00 till 14.30

Substituting animal-based protein is one of the big challenges of our time. In this webinar, prominent experts from Wageningen University & Research will introduce you to two different ways of tackling the problem: the production of plant-based meat substitutes and the development of new forms of protein in the form of novel foods.  

Atze Jan Van der Goot will talk about Plant Meat Matters, a project on plant-based meat substitutes that closely resemble the texture, taste and nutritional composition of meat products. Such products would make the transition away from animal proteins almost seamless to the consumer, therefore holding great potential.

Ingrid Van der Meer will talk about her research on duckweed, or water lentils, a novel food in Europe and an extremely promising new source of protein that could soon be a part of our diets. She will take us through the process of discovering, developing and getting a new form of protein approved at the European level.

This exciting webinar will be a great opportunity to learn about the sustainable future of food. It will provide you valuable knowledge and a source of inspiration on your way to the ReThink Protein Challenge’2.

Past event: Info-meeting ReThink Protein Challenge'2

At WebinarJam, Thursday 5 November 2020 from 13.00 till 14.00

Would you like to find out if the ReThink Protein Challenge'2 is something for you and why should you join? Ask a question and meet other students who are looking for a team? Join the info-meeting to learn the answers to all you questions about this cutting-edge international student competition!

Bonus: during the meeting dr.Stacy Pyett (WUR) will talk about the most important challenges of that protein transition is facing at the moment to ignite your problem-solving mindset.

About dr. Stacy Pyett
Stacy works at Wageningen University & Research as Program Manager Proteins for Life. In that role, she is responsible for engaging with industry and academic partners to advance research in the protein field.

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