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Wilberth Jose Virhuez Delgado
Master , Peruvian

Bart van Hensbergen

Nirzar Doshi

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Our vision

There are many challenges to provide food for the population in 2050. The overall current production should be enough, however, not all of them are feeding because of demand deviation due to commerce, short assortment, and availability of products. ProtenIA shall increase the availability of protein without relying on the increase of agricultural production of protein, reducing food waste, carbon footprint, creating a self-sustainable future.

Our solution

ProtenIA will develop tailored protein solutions for the agrifood industry relying on artificial intelligence (AI) using locally produced protein sources. Due to the pandemic, the world has been obliged to reevaluate its dependence on world trade and logistics to keep the availability of products. Economies and companies started to look for local reliable sources to diversify, which allows them to continue satisfying their demand. Therefore, ProtenIA will develop tailored protein solutions they look for, allowing them to continue their production with no delay. By using AI, it will permit to obtain sustainable protein, reducing pollution, and dependence on intensive logistics.

Our market

The target group is companies in the agri-food sector that have a high dependence on protein sources coming from intensive agriculture. Europe has the biggest share due to the high-protein trend in demand for products that boost health/well-being while being environmentally friendly. The challenge for these companies will be to keep the flow of protein-supply; when climate change, environmental regulations, and change in the crop patterns of farmers to maximize value/crop will lead to offering reduction and price escalation. To meet all expectations, these companies will search for competitive local protein solutions reliable and sustainable, here is where ProtenIA enters.

About the team

A Msc student in Biosystem Engineering with experience in process automatization and big data. And Food Technologists with experience in protein functionality, programming, modelling, AI and project management.

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