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Wilberth Jose Virhuez Delgado
Master , Peruvian

Bart van Hensbergen

Nirzar Doshi

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Our vision

To increase the availability of produced plant-based alternative protein without relying on long supply chains, building the largest community of producers and manufacturers by offering smart tailored solutions using advanced technology, reducing the need for long-supply chains, thus reducing waste, carbon footprint to encourage a self-sustainable future.

Our solution

ProtenIA proposes a specialized technology platform that focused its activities to provide sustainably tailored solutions. The solution presents 3 horizons. First by providing a specialized marketplace on e-commerce as a retailer/wholesaler bringing closer the plant-based alternative protein producer and plant-based alternative product manufacturer, by offering high-quality information of the sustainable protein solutions where the sustainability of the supply chain is taking into account. This can be achieved by allowing geolocation and customization through AI regarding the suppliers creating value for the protein solution they offer. Second, this marketplace can be used as a database management system, through the standardization of the processes of the protein producers which will allow us to create models, creating value to plant-based alternative protein producers that look for competitive advantages to enter the market, or increase their participation; and also creating value to plant-based product manufacturers that can trust that their solutions are going to be standard. And third, through big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning design tailored protein solutions in terms of functional and nutritional specifications that fit specifically the needs of the manufacturers.

Our market

We are looking to provide value to both sides of the value chain. SMEs and startups plant-based protein producers which are suppliers, and plant-based product manufacturers that are consumers, also universities and research centers. Plant-based alternative protein suppliers are looking for product awareness in a market where unsustainable protein solutions still great but it is changing. And plant-based product manufacturers are looking for tailored solutions to achieve their R&D goals and to increase their bargain power to have a competitive advantage to diversify their activities, etc.

About the team

A Msc student in Biosystem Engineering with experience in process automatization and big data. And Food Technologists with experience in protein functionality, programming, modelling, AI and project management.