Rebirth Cyanobacteria

Rebirth Cyanobacteria

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jiang liu song
Bachelor , China

LiTian HOU

wenjing chen
Bachelor , China

yilin ge

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Our vision

Compared with the traditional proteins extracted from plants or animals, phycocyanin has antioxidant, antitumor and immunomodulatory functions, and has a wide range of sources and high yield, which can solve the problem of protein shortage. Our team plans to develop a series of nutritional foods with phycocyanin as the protein source. Increase consumer's acceptance of this blue "protein.". In the later stage, our team also hopes to design a reasonable scheme to cultivate algae with food industry wastewater, reduce the production cost of phycocyanin and reduce industrial pollution.

Our solution

On the one hand, there are industrial extraction and purification methods for phycocyanin from algae, but how to improve the stability of phycocyanin is still a technical bottleneck. Preliminary studies showed that the stability of phycocyanin was higher under low temperature, dark and neutral conditions. On the other hand, phycocyanin is blue, and it is directly added to staple food as a protein source, so the consumer's acceptance may not be high. But bright colors like blue are popular in snack foods. Based on the above two points, our team plans to make ice cream, yogurt and other frozen snacks rich in phycocyanin as the first batch of main products. That is not only to ensure the stability of phycocyanin, but also better accepted by the public. Most of the existing snacks have the problems of high sugar, high fat and low protein. Consumers' demand for delicious and nutritious food is growing, and the market share of nutritious, healthy and green food will continue to increase. The high temperature conditions in summer increase the demand for ice cream, yogurt and other foods, and create more favorable conditions for the propagation of algae. We can make full use of summer to expand the market scale.

Our market

Our team's products are mainly for millennials. They have a higher acceptance of new things and are also the main force of snack consumption. Teenagers are in a critical period of growth and development, and they have a higher demand of high-quality protein. "Blue snacks", with novel appearance and higher nutrition, are easily concerned by millennials. We hope to produce low-fat, low-sugar and high-protein snacks, meet the snack demand of teenagers, and alleviate the overweight and obesity problems caused by teenagers' diet. Reduce their chances of suffering from hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia in the future.

About the team

Our team consists of three creative and experienced undergraduates. In the food research and development stage, the team aims to improve the nutritional value of food and enhance the efficacy of diet therapy. In the stage of food production, we focus on environmental protection, reducing industrial pollution, improving the degree of factory automation and reducing the production cost of products. In the previous work, the team has explored the properties of phycocyanin. Next, we will focus on product development and market research.