Team information

Kai Kiat Lau
Bachelor , Singaporean

lina ben amor
Bachelor , Tunisian

hao yang lai

Kacper Mozdzen
Bachelor , Polish

Hartanto Arie Wirawan
Bachelor , Indonesian

Our vision

To face the problem of global food shortage by looking into waste valorization. Through our project, we hope to gain more insights and knowledge to help us better tackle global food shortage. Ultimately, creating food products that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

Our solution

Our group focuses on waste valorization, especially by reusing grape pomace, a waste by-product of wine production. Pomace has not been used and researched extensively in the production of food items. Several studies reported the increased sensory and quality (taste, texture and color) perception of meat products (salami, (beef) sausages, fish patties, etc.) when grape pomace powder is mixed into the product. We plan to learn how to process grape pomace such that it is suitable to be a filler for meat analogues. The repurposed grape pomace can then be used as coloring, stabilizer, flavoring and preservative in meat analogues.

Our market

Our biggest target markets are mainly vegans and vegetarians. However, people who are interested in trying out plant-based meat are crucial to expanding our product. Since grape pomace has been studied to contain bioactive phytochemicals that can act as natural preservatives, and contain red pigments that can act as a food dye, it is an especially good addition in the production of meat analogues. With the popularization of the western diet, consisting of a high intake of salt and preservatives, consumers are experiencing adverse health effects. Pomace can act as a more healthy and possibly even more nutritious substitute.

About the team

We are an inspired team of food technology students from Wageningen university with a drive to learn about the protein substitute world and see its potential. With our food technology background we are hoping to tackle global food problems in any way we can.