Team information

Dan Macken

Daniel Alberto Perez Rico
Master , Mexican

Saskia Urlass
PHD , German & Czech

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Our vision

Overcome the obstacles of producing and transforming micro-algae into a sustainable and palatable ingredient, creating a process that will empower the new generation of alternative protein-rich foods.

Our solution

We propose a two step process in which cyanidial red microalgae are cultivated using waste streams, and afterwards fermented to naturally improve their sensory and nutritional properties. Currently, no other micro-algal products are used as a main source of protein in food product formulation due to consumer acceptance issues. We aim to provide companies with an ingredient that presents added competitive advantage, and makes viable the formulation of protein rich products that are sustainable, but still nutritious and palatable. Our uniqueness relies on the use of a novel class of microalgae, Cyanidiales, and on solving consumer challenges through fermentation.

Our market

Food production companies developing brands and products that cater for flexitarian Millenials and Gen-Zers. These companies increasingly look for sustainable, economically viable protein-rich ingredients with superior profiles that cater for flexitarian concerns for the sustainability and nutrition implications of their food choices, and are motivated to trace the transparency of the production means of the products they consume, in matters of biodiversity, climate and health impact.

About the team

Dan is a MSc Biotechnology student and algal enthusiast, driven to enact change through the combined application of science and entrepreneurship. Daniel is a microalgae aficionado with knowledge of bioprocesses trying to fulfil the potential of this amazing group of microorganisms. Saskia is a PhD student focused on fermenting macroalgae to enhance nutritional functionality and change seaweed's aroma profile to facilitate usage of macroalgae into a variety of food products. We are driven by making the food system more sustainable through efficient waste stream usage and innovative technologies.