SwiftRseeds - Rice

The challenge

In first world country’s food is in surplus, whilst developing country’s still have food shortages. With the fast-growing world population, this problem is only going to get worse. The biggest problem is that in these developing countries, the population will grow immense and cause the world population to skyrocket. Luckily this is also the solution, because this makes it a centered problem. Shipping food too third world countries is expensive, there is a high risk that it won’t reach the whole population because of corruption and not feasible with the food production of today. This is why more and more businesses are investing in local farmers to combat food shortages. The only problem is that these investments in improved agricultural engineering to improve harvests unfortunately won’t solve the immense amount of food that’s needed for these growing populations. This is where SwiftRseeds come in to play and help the local farmers combat food shortages and become the foundation of a prosperous country.

The solution

Rice is the world’s second most important cereal crop and more than 3.5 billion people depend on rice for more than 20% of their daily calories. Rice is there for the staple food of more than half of the world’s population and is eaten in the poorest parts of the world. In these third world countries the population will grow to extremes. SwiftRseeds are rice seeds with an increased growth rate. This is done by genetically modifying the rice seeds with genes of an algae. With SwiftRseeds there is the possibility to ramp up the production of rice all over the world and most importantly in these developing countries. For this SwiftRseeds first needs to get in the hands of farmers. This is done by making use of lead farmers. These are rice farmers with a big social network, whom you pay to use and advertise SwiftRseeds to other farmers. In every country where SwiftRseeds are produced there is a representative of the company to be the point of contact for farmers and establish trust and transparency which is very important. By closely working together with local farmers, we're able to feed the people now and it’s grown population in the future.


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SwiftRseeds - Rice


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