MEAL - the mealworm shake

The challenge

While consuming insects is already accepted in many countries, the Western world, despite its appetite for protein, has still been somewhat slow in the adaption of insects as an alternative protein source. While insect-based foods are already on the market, they are not yet products that are consumed regularly, as other animal-protein sources are. So how will we manage to not just find a new product, but rather a habit-forming one to open the broader market?

The solution

The solution is in the smart use of niches: Protein shakes as well as meal-replacement shakes are already successful in our ever-busy world. Especially for athletes and health-aware consumers, healthy and sustainable protein sources are of great interest. The MEAL shake, based on mealworms, is meeting those demands: Not only contain mealworms all essential amino acids as well as a huge variety of vitamins and minerals, they are also extremely sustainable due to their high feed conversion ratio, as well as their ability to thrive on waste products of the food industry (such as potato peels and cookie crumbles). "But will the consumer accept an insect-based shake?" you ask? As far as current knowledge goes, studies have indicated that consumers are open to eating insects as long as the whole insect is not identifiable anymore. In this shake, of course, you will see nothing but creamy, tasty goodness!


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MEAL - the mealworm shake


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