Team information

Ruihua Guo
Bachelor , China

Dingkang Wan

xiaolong feng


binyao liu

hou peibin

Our vision

* Improve the recycling rate of catering waste, realize clean production. * Attract consumers with new food raw materials, and provide low-calorie and low-fat healthy meal replacements and auxiliary treatments such as high blood pressure. * The Lorella brand continuously introduces new products, expands the production of product lines, and realizes the upstream and downstream extension of the product chain. * Reduce the waste of food and beverage waste near the enterprise factory, realize recycling and sustainable development. * The Lorella brand will be committed to public welfare activities such as the CD Action and afforestation.

Our solution

* We hope to recycle the daily kitchen waste and catering waste, and use the processed raw materials as fertilizer for the growth of chlorella, provide it with the necessary inorganic salts for growth and promote it to be enriched in protein. Chlorella vulgaris undergoes steps of dehydration, screening, and detoxification. The chlorella vulgaris is made into powder and used in the production and production of different foods. It completes the regeneration of catering waste, high energy conversion and utilization efficiency, and zero-carbon footprint production. * We hope to learn how the packaged dried fruit produced by The Ugly Company in California prevents more than a pound of fruit from turning into waste, reducing food waste in the catering industry from the reprocessing direction and achieving sustainable development. * In today’s food consumer market, health, nutrition, and refinement have become an inevitable trend in the development of food products. We hope to propose a low-cost solution that can not only satisfy consumers’ curiosity about new food ingredients, but also occupy the mainstream consumer market. Provide a differentiated sensory experience. Chlorella and its products are undoubtedly a good choice. * In terms of ingredients, chlorella has been medically proven to combine with the heavy metals, pesticides, and harmful toxins accumulated in the human intestine and guide them to be excreted from the body, so it can be used as a beneficial food for auxiliary treatment and daily health care. It is also rich in chlorophyll, phosphorus and cfu factors, which can promote the immune system to eliminate adverse factors in the body in time. * In terms of ingredients, our chlorella front end uses kitchen waste and food waste. After fermenting and detoxification, these fertilizers can be used as raw materials for the growth of chlorella, and processed food can be regenerated to achieve as clean as possible produce. * In terms of brand, lorella is committed to launching stylish, tasteful, and environmentally friendly foods that can enter the market with low production costs, high brand image, and excellent product quality to attract audiences.

Our market

* The Lorella brand will launch a variety of chlorella products to meet the nutritional needs of different groups of people. Our target groups: * People who are prone to adverse reactions such as hypertension, allergies and rheumatism * the elderly * obese or fitness people * beauty chasing and weight loss groups Our products: * Supplementary foods for people prone to adverse reactions such as hypertension and allergies * health foods for the elderly * meal replacement foods for obese or fitness people * low-calorie and low-fat snacks

About the team

* Our team is composed of students majoring in food science and nutrition, bioengineering, international trade, agricultural economics, electrical engineering and computer science. Our professional courses involve nutrition, molecular biology, bioengineering, agricultural products processing, food sensory evaluation, food Economics, database principles, computer programming, etc. Our knowledge supports us in dealing with the intersection of food, biology, economics and big data. * We hope to compete with students from other schools in this competition, get encouragement and support from Wageningen University, apply what we have learned and put forward ideas about the use of chlorella in health and functional foods.

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