Team information

Krishnakumar Ramachandran
Master , Indian

Nikhil Bharadwaj
Master , Indian

Anjali Dinesh

Our vision

Currently, over 800M haven’t the luxury of a-meal-a-day; by 2050, it will be 1.1B. Immediate paradigm shifts are needed in both the production and supply chain in the food industry. The average human requires ~50-60g protein per day. Today’s best crops yield only ~500Kg/ha/year; higher yield and better supply are vital. Algae is the solution, through unbelievable yields coupled with our business model, which advocates responsible capitalism.

Our solution

Spirulina is already a popular nutraceutical dietary supplement/whole food, with lipids (8%), proteins (~50-70%, include Vitamins-B, minerals), and carotenoids viz. Phycocyanin (PC, used as anti-oxidant/-cancer/-ageing agent). Currently, it is sold as a whole cell powder, which wastes the opportunity to monetize its more valuable components like PC, whose demand has skyrocketed due to COVID-19 ($245M market, 28.5% CAGR, a large jump from pre-COVID-19 level of 6.7%). While PC and the like maintain economic viability, the protein can be subsidized for humanitarian organizations in LDCs and developing countries. In just 10 acres of growth, we estimate that ~3-4K undernourished people can be supplied the recommended daily dosage for a whole year.

Our market

EABA has projected post-COVID-19 growth forecast for PC and spirulina to be 28.5% & 10.6%, with market capitalization at $245M and $779M. Our intention is to responsibly sell spirulina globally, by capitalizing on its exponential growth in the below markets: (i) Food in developing countries: May reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure & increase lung health, metabolism. (ii) Private food security: ‘A-Alpha Bio’ has been awarded grants for spirulina production by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a trend we shall capitalize on to aid them, WFP, etc. (iii) Cosmetic & food-tech: Natural dyes and anti-oxidants, capitalizing on ‘clean-cosmetics/food’ trend.

About the team

Krishnakumar is a Master student of Biosystems Engineering from WUR, specializing in biobased chemistry, biorefinery, and operations. His dream is biobased entrepreneurship to counter the dread that mankind will soon collapse. Nikhil is (hopefully) going to begin his Masters’ at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, specializing in bioreactors, process engineering, and memes. Anjali is a graduate student of business at Duke University, specializing in strategy, technology, entrepreneurship, and candy consumption.