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Krishnakumar Ramachandran
Master , Indian

Nikhil Bharadwaj
Master , Indian

Anjali Dinesh

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Our vision

Currently, over 800M haven’t the luxury of a-meal-a-day; by 2050, it will be 1.1B. Immediate paradigm shifts are needed in both the production and supply chain in the food industry. As an integrated B2B social entrepreneurial venture, we aim to biorefine Spirulina for large-scale nutritional solutions for malnourished populations at subsidized rates, while simultaneously commercializing industrially valuable chemicals from Spirulina for the Food & Beverage (F&B), Pharmaceutical, and Cosmetics, industries.

Our solution

Spirulina has a complete nutritional portfolio, including vitamins (esp. vitamin-B family) & minerals, protein (50%), all essential amino acids, anti-oxidants, even Ω-3 fatty acids (viz., DHA). We aim to extract the protein component, and supply it at subsidized price to humanitarian aid organizations in LDCs & developing countries, in Asia & Africa, to fight against malnutrition. To maintain financial viability of the subsidy, we also extract and commercialize phycocyanin, which is used as a colouring agent in confectionaries, dairy, beverages, and even cosmetic, dyes, & paints, and also in anti-ageing and anti-cancer formulations by the cosmetics & pharmaceutical industries.

Our market

The projected post-COVID-19 growth forecast for spirulina & phycocyanin are 10.6% & 28.5%, respectively, with market capitalization at € 200M & € 650M, respectively. Our model purports supply to humanitarian aid agencies, viz., WFP, UNHRD, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which operate outside the free market. Our intention aims to take advantage of the various capacities of algae. The Protein shall be extracted for its massive potential in food security & nutrition, especially in LDC's and Developing Countries, while the PC shall be extracted for commercialization in the F&B, pharma, cosmetics and dye industries.

About the team

Krishnakumar is a Master student of Biosystems Engineering from WUR, specializing in biobased chemistry, biorefinery, and operations. His dream is biobased entrepreneurship to counter the dread that mankind will soon collapse. Nikhil is an incoming graduate student at WUR, specializing in bioreactors, process engineering, and memes. Anjali is a graduate student of business at Duke University, specializing in strategy, technology, entrepreneurship, and candy consumption.