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Jeta Purrini
Bachelor , Kosovan

Esmee Konings

Márton Király

Gregorio Battaglia

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Our vision

Our aim is to reuse the side stream of canola oil processing, the rapeseed press cake, and use it in noodles production. This would help repurposing a side stream and producing a new product which offers a complete meal high in protein content. In long term we hope to introduce proteins from a less used plant based source and deliver a nutritious protein rich meal to the market.

Our solution

Using the rapeseed press cake from canola oil production leads not only in a protein rich meal but also in decrease of CO2 emissions. Most rapeseed oil producers currently sell the press cake to farmers which use it as animal feed. Being a great source of proteins, it could better be used for human consumption. It would address the market needs by introducing product rich in protein, offering a quick and cheap meal. It is unique since the product is innovative, meets market needs and contributes to a more sustainable solution for the use of the canola oil press cake.

Our market

Our market is mainly students, particularly in Germany. Our market is in alignment with our vision to introduce an innovative instant noodle which in contrast to our competitors provides the customers with proteins and other vital components that compose a full meal. Students seek for quick meals which usually are not as nutritious. Our product is sustainable which is perfect for eco-friendly oriented customers, with our product being gluten free and vegan helps us expand the market and the targeted customers. Germany is chosen as it is one of the biggest rapeseed producer and canola oil manufacturer in Europe.

About the team

We are a group of second year bachelor students studying Food Technology. Our international backgrounds mold our unique approach towards problem solving. Each member has different views and approaches towards creating an innovative product concept. In this competition, our motivation is to realize our theoretical knowledge, learn more from other competitors and coaches/experts. We want to help solve a current issue and make an impact in the society.