Team information

Jeta Purrini
Bachelor , Kosovan

Esmee Konings

Márton Király

Gregorio Battaglia

Our vision

Our aim is to reuse the waste stream of canola oil processing, the rapeseed press cake and use it in noodles production. This would address the problem of reducing waste during the production, producing a new product which is high in protein content as well as calories. Moreover, the carbon footprint of canola oil processing is relatively low. In long term we hope to make at least a small impact in global pollution, introduce proteins from a plant based source and deliver a nutritious protein rich meal to the market.

Our solution

Using the rapeseed press cake from canola oil production, which is high in proteins, to make a new product, by both reducing the waste and CO2 emissions, also achieving a nutritious product in the end. It is a great opportunity since currently the waste stream is not used widely and would be a great option to help people meet their protein intake requirements. At the same time the production factories producing rapeseed oil produce the press cake which for them is a 'waste' and that is a great source of proteins which could make a great product when mixed into a noodles product in the end. It would address the market needs by introducing a highly nutritious, rich in protein product to customers, particularly addressing poor people who face difficulties in meeting their protein daily intake. It is unique since such a product is not fully introduced in the market yet, its cheap, eco-friendly and makes a great meal. Since, our product has a twofold impact in the environment and is going to be cheaper which would increase the customer range.

Our market

Our target group is lower class people who face difficulties meeting their protein daily intake, with a focus on Africa. The need is to have a nutritious, high in calories meal that is also a source of proteins at a lower cost.

About the team

We are a mixed group of students specializing in Food Science & Technology. Our international backgrounds molds our unique approach towards problem solving. In this competition, our motivation is to realize our theoretical knowledge in a group setting, as well as to learn more from other competing groups and the coaches/experts. As well as help solve a current issue and making an impact in society.