Team information

Debabrata Das
Bachelor , INDIAN

Pranjuli Garg
Bachelor , INDIAN

Dilara Kanca

Theodoros Sofianos
Master , Greek

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Our vision

ProMeat's vision is to facilitate a shift from unsustainable proteins to sustainable smart protein and address the issues like Shortage of Food & Malnutrition, Environmental Degradation, Food Insecurity, Human Health, Animal Welfare, Protein Deficiency (80% of Indians suffer from this) 85% of Indians don’t know the key benefits of protein and many cannot identify the true benefits of the macronutrient.

Our solution

ProMeat is a clean label company that offers a healthy, tasty, and economical plant-based chicken and protein alternatives company with much higher protein content, amazing texture and rich mouthfeel. Combining cutting-edge technology, along with the use of indigenous and under-utilized crops, we plan to deliver the best meat analogue, without the compromise. Our solution minimizes environmental degradation due to animal husbandry and improves animal welfare while replacing the high cholesterol animal-derived products with efficiently produced, nutritious plant-based solutions.

Our market

Our target consumers include people of ages 20 – 35, who are looking for better-for-your-health-and-the-planet alternatives that are affordable and nutritious due to ethical, environmental, health and animal rights concerns, all heightened by covid-19. In India alone, 47% of surveyed consumers had a vegetarian meal, another 24% indicated that their meal met other dietary requirements (halal, vegan or Kosher). Such diets are increasing in all industrialized countries like the USA (5%), UK (9%), Germany (9%) and better alternatives are needed to counter the demand for meat which is expected to rise by more than 50% as the global population reaches 9.8B by 2050

About the team

Our team consists of 2 senior year NIFTEM food technologists, an industrial engineer with a Yale MBA and a 2nd-time entrepreneur and food scientist with masters from Wageningen University. The multicultural and multinational team is skilled in product development, food science, lean manufacturing and fundraising and consists of individuals who are passionate about sustainable food systems.