It's Protein

It's Protein

Team information

Vita Broeken
Master , Dutch

Crispijn Sam
Bachelor , Dutch

Nick van den Elshout

Ruidong Wang

Anna Flavia de Souza Silva
PHD , Brazilian

Carolina Diederen

Jeltje van der Haer

Wonjun (John) Choi
Bachelor , German

Nicolas Zawislak

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Our vision

We believe that plant-based eating is the future. It is sustainable, healthy, and animal–friendly (Sabaté & Soret, 2014). We want to make it easier to start eating a healthy plant–based diet by providing personalized and complete information. In the long-term, we hope to enable people to make more plant-based choices. *Update: A specific problem we want to address is the difficulty of eating plant–based in people diseases and dietary intolerances/allergies.

Our solution

We aim to reduce these barriers by providing the right information in the right form to make it easier to implement a plant-based diet for the consumer. This form will be determined through market research. We believe that all required information is present, however, it is not easily available. Therefore, we focus on reducing the barriers by offering a personalized, complete, healthy, and cultural compilation of information. *Update: We are providing a solution to a unique and untapped opportunity. There will likely be a real market need to include everyone in plant–based developments, which currently seems unfavorable towards some groups.

Our market

It’s protein aims to target consumers that are interested in eating (more) plant–based, but still feel barriers to start. They need ways to reduce the barriers to implementing a plant–based diet. However, there is no one clear place with all information readily available. *Update: We are additionally focusing on people with diseases and dietary intolerances/allergies which make it very difficult to shift towards a predominantly plant–based diet. There are specific geographical and genetic–origin clusters of such target groups which we hope to address.

About the team

We are a diverse, multi–cultural team with varying educational backgrounds. We bring experience in food, business, economics, and philosophy. We are all motivated and excited to enable the transition towards a more plant-based future.