Protein of Black Soldier Fly

The challenge

According to the report released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) on February 22, the expansion of unsustainable productive activities, such as expansive agriculture and livestock, could jeopardize food production and the agricultural sector itself in the future. From this perspective for the future, we can no longer bet on animal and vegetable protein as a unique solution to the problem of food in the world in relation to population growth. Several researches point out the relation between the variety of living organisms in the world according to the production of food as a specific proposal of solution based on the particular characteristics of each place. As well as agricultural modeling programs create productivity standards, it is possible to predict intelligent protein production paths based on regional characteristics

The solution

In view of growing demand for more sustainable alternatives of protein sources that can meet nutricional demand the BLACK SOLDIER FLY fits this proposal and other issues. The BLACK SOLDIER FLY is an insect of great economic importance, in 2013 it was considered by the FAO as the most promising insect species for commercial scale production and has already been approved in Europe for feeding fish and birds only if it is bred in grains, therefore one of the main attributes of this species, it is the waste management capacity and the alternative source of protein. Larvae of this fly can be grown on grains with high aflatoxin concentrations without the processing of larval flour being contaminated with these toxins. My proposal is to use bsf as a protein supplement of deficient diets and also to solve the problem of contamination of grains by the fungus Aspergillus


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Protein of Black Soldier Fly


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