Protein Forward

The challenge

The future of food is plant based, yet key players in the food industry, from consumer to retailer, from producer to buyer, see their margins diminish and do not work together on a common strategy. The consumption of animal products causes shortages in arable land, water depletion and air pollution, while a plant based diet delivers more healthy food for a better price within a sustainable production system. The knowledge and capacities to change the system are there, just not the connections between 'unnatural' allies.

The solution

From a 100 to 0 percent animal food products in ten years' time, that is our mission. How? By connecting change-makers in plant based products with traditional parties in the food industry, as well as guarantee their profits by creating a network of retailers and end-users for newly created products. Our start-up will provide the necessary knowledge and tools for the transition and most importantly; talk the language of money: the plant based model simply gives the best returns and the most climate and health benefits. We make it attractive by creating an upward cycle and pulling all players out of the race to the bottom in which they are trapped. We provide a realistic alternative vision that takes away the divides and false oppositions. Everyone in the system is dependent on the other, a holistic approach is the only thing that will achieve radical change within the shortest amount of time. We need a young and diverse way of thinking to achieve it. We deliver this diversity and disclose underutilized potential.



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Team info

Daniël van Duijn
Yentl te Riele
Suyu An Vergeer
Lucas van der Zee
Tim den Hartog