The challenge

Insects are the next generation of sustainable protein source with high-quality nutrients. Insects can be farmed with minimal space and using plant-based waste for their feed. However, the acceptance of insects as food is relatively low, especially among western consumers. Therefore, it is essential to come up with creative ways to promote the benefits of insects in order to increase their acceptance. It is noted that there are insect-based meat replacer or whole insects sold as a snack, however, there is a lack of “bridging” product aimed to help the consumers to change their perception of insects as food. So, we would like to introduce more insect-based food product that fill in this gap in the market.

The solution

Considering the benefits that are provided by the insects, i.e. nutrition and sustainability value, we would like to introduce P-Sect as an indulgent way in gaining their benefits. People who feel disgusted to insect and have neophobia could potentially enjoy P-Sect. P-Sect is a delicious crispy snack with different types of insects blend and topping. P-Sect will come with different variants of flavours that can be adjusted with the regional preferences (e.g. salted egg for Asian or cheese for European). As a high protein convenient-snack, one can enjoy it everywhere and every time. So, P-Sect will provide a new pleasure sensation to enjoy insects for everyone, anywhere, anytime. On the packaging of P-Sect, we will include a story aimed to educate the consumers about the nutritional and sustainability values of insects. We believe by escalating insects' acceptance and educating the consumer about insects as sustainable and nutritious food, the solution of feeding billions of people will come closer.


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