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The challenge

Globally there is a lack of transparency with how our food is grown. The food production systems that currently exist are unsustainable and linear which wastes the world's valuable resources. There is also an over-reliance on animal based protein to fulfil dietary requirements. However, with the advancement of research and a shift in social responsibility for the environment, many people are seeking a transition to plant based protein alternatives!

The solution

Micro greens are becoming more popular and better understood as a source of micro nutrients and proteins in people's diets. Therefore, it is imperative that sustainable growing methods are introduced at an operational level. We have designed a passive and bio-effective greenhouse facility growing high protein micro greens. Our design also operates as a composting facility which will generate heat energy and CO2 to drive plant growth sustainably. Our design ensures a closed nutrient cycle, sustainable energy, and the promotion of an alternative protein source. This design can be implemented at many different scales and in many different social settings. The final product is a container of micro greens from the greenhouse. We have carefully chosen a micro green mixture that will provide the spectrum of nutrients and protein that are essential when eating a meat free diet. Given our market research, there is also a large potential for selling our micro green mixture directly to restaurants and food subscription services, in addition to retailers.



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Strong Green - The Plant Based Protein Factory


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Annalise Thornhill
Eileen Treacy
Mihai Frangulea
Angelique Vermeer