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The challenge

The transition from animal protein into plant-based products consumption is imminent. Especially, considering the unsustainable production of meat product which require a significant amount of water and plant material. This pose a negative impact on the environment (e.g. green house gas emission). Moreover, there are many underutilized and high nutritional value food waste that can be a source of protein and one of them is the brewer’s spent grain.

The solution

To answer this problem, we attempt to create a plant-based high protein spread which is healthy and sustainable. Tempeh is a well-known product and the fermentation process can increase the total digestible protein while simultaneously reduce anti-nutrient factors. However, instead of using soybean, we use white lupine bean which is a native european crop. This bean is complemented with the addition of brewer’s spent grain to obtain a complete amino acid score for our final product. This product is targeted towards the vegetarian, vegan and even vegetarian-aspiring consumers who are looking for a protein alternative. By doing so, we hope to reduce the carbon footprint and promote a better circular economy.


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