N-Soy (Tackling The Protein Challenge Worldwide: N-Soy Your Food Now!)

The challenge

The increase of food production could exacerbate the problem of climate change and consequently induces food scarcity which leads to further destruction of habitats as a result of consuming a high-meat diet. The report written by Commissioned by Friends of the Earth and Compassion in World Farming in the UK provides evidence that organic agriculture can probably feed the world population of 9.2 billion people if relatively modest diets are adopted and inequality and poverty issues are tackled. But how to accelerate the protein revolution while educating the population about the goodness of sustainable proteins? Developed countries have a surplus of food and resources to sustain their lifestyles, along with non-communicable diseases caused by a diet with meat surplus, meanwhile, developing countries still struggle to have a wealthy economy that will help them satisfy their basic needs along with malnutrition problems. The challenge we face is how to rethink our global food system in terms of healthy protein, so it can help people to create healthy communities and economies as well as sustain the planet in order to contribute to ending poverty and inequality. The problem is complex, considering also that the world has 195 countries with different eating cultures and different problems. Developing sustainable foods with existing resources while ensuring crops and foods used more efficiently are things that need to do now and the future to tackle this issue.

The solution

We aim to solve the food sustainability issue by creating nutritious, affordable, and sustainable vegetable-based-food, N-SOY. We know that only creating such that food is still not enough for the future. Therefore, we also would like to improve consumer awareness about the importance of food sustainability as well as soy-based-diet benefits for the body through N-SOY promotion and packaging. We are inspired to create convenient soy-based-foods, N-SOY because people nowadays undeniably tend to eat convenience foods. N-SOY is a convenient vegetable-based-food with a rich source of protein and can replace animal-based protein. Protein can be obtained not only from animal-based-diet, but vegetable-based-diet also supplies enough protein, minerals, and vitamin, even it can lower the negative impact of human behavior on the animal and the world sustainability. On top of that, soy has many benefits on health such as for cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention because it contains no cholesterol, low saturated fat and all eight essential amino acids. Thus, our main idea is reducing animal-based-diet consumption by replacing meat with soy through N-Soy which is nutritious, affordable and sustainable. N-SOY is a frozen soy-based-meat that will be sold worldwide. In this case, soy-based foods will be adjusted to the eating pattern, culture, and food preferences of every country all over the world, for example in the form of soy burger and soy meatball. With this product, we can provide more job opportunities for developing countries, because N-SOY will involve many countries starting with soy production, N-SOY distribution, and marketing. To ensure the sustainability of this product, the community will be educated and encouraged to the development of better production practices and to take measures in order to protect the environment. Regarding the distribution and marketing, global restaurants will be entangled as well to improve promotion and consumption.



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N-Soy (Tackling The Protein Challenge Worldwide: N-Soy Your Food Now!)


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