The challenge

Protein is one of the most crucial macronutrients to the human body and it accounts for a substantial proportion of a healthy diet. However, with the increasing global demand for protein, we are facing not only the difficulty of exploring more sustainable protein sources, but also the barrier of making the best use of protein by human body. Advances in scientific research have revealed that the interaction between gut microbiota and protein metabolism play important roles in host health and disease. Hence, we are facing pressing challenges in how to design healthy protein products, not merely for you, but also for your gut microbes.

The solution

GutsPro is a revolutionary protein-rich food product, using proteins and prebiotic components which are capable of promoting protein utilization and manipulating the microbes in selective manners so as to benefit one or more facets of host biology. It can alter the functional configurations of a consumer’s gut microbial community, and provide substrates for microbial biotransformation. In the design of GutsPro, with a strong concern to alleviate the problem of protein resources, food wastes or by-products (e.g. fish skin, soy flake, etc.) that contain abundant proteins will be preferentially selected. And prebiotics are taken from regular dietary fibers. In the long term, GutsPro is dedicated to be the next generation of healthy food for human beings.


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Chunyue Zhang
Zhan Huang
Yu Jiang
Lintianxiang Chen