The challenge

Answering the Challenge of Feeding Nine Billion People Free From Malnutrition

The solution

FAME GUN is a meat analogue from groundnut cake with the addition of Laminariales (Phaeophyta) and jackfruit’s seed flour (Artocarpus heterophyllus). In order to maintain its shelf-life during the distribution, this product is packed into dried instant-meat allowing this product safe for room temperature storage. By applying meat flavors in the product will boost nutrition absorption in human digestion system, by then, we provide 3 flavours (i.e. original, beef, and chicken), and mold the product as beef`s steak (for beef flavour), chicken stick drum, and chicken’s wing to meet consumer’s demand. Furthermore, Laminariales is added to fulfil meat-like texture for consumer’s sensory acceptance. One serving (200 g) of FAME GUN provides approximately 603 Kcal, 49,6 g protein, 86.7 g carbohydrate, 14 g fat, and a high amount of important minerals and micronutrients. According to Dietary Reference Intake (RDI) by consuming a serving size of FAME GUN can fulfil 99.2% human protein needs in a day.



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