The challenge

The aim of our project is to address many different challenges we are facing nowadays. First, the protein quality, in terms of amino acids balance, of protein-rich products available on the market, is not satisfying. Furthermore, the production processes needed to obtain many protein-rich ingredients are often unsustainable (e.g., protein isolation or extraction processes use high quantities of energy, water and, sometimes, chemicals). Speaking about new protein sources, these are available on the market but not always included in food products; if these sources would be introduced in attractive food products it could be easier to reach more people and meet their nutritional needs. There is also a lack of nutritious, ready-to-eat and tasty food products for flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan consumers. Moreover, the current level of by-products deriving from the food industry employed in food production is limited. Finally, the economic support to the local food system of developing countries is ineffective.

The solution

To solve the mentioned challenges, the proposed product, apart from having a high-protein content, will have an appropriate proportion of essential amino acids due to the combination of different raw materials. Also, the production process of Inka Spread will be mild and sustainable since it will not require many resources. Moreover, new protein sources will be included in the product, which will be easily useable (convenience food) reaching more consumers and satisfying their nutritional requirements. Inka Spread will be a healthy, ready-to-eat and tasty vegan product, meeting all the different consumer demands through the combination of selected ingredients and representing a valid alternative to animal-based protein foods. Besides, the formulation of our food product will include a by-product of the food industry integrating the concept of circular economy. As a final point, incomes deriving from the new market of Inka Spread, as well as the creation of more jobs due to the cultivation and manufacture of the selected raw materials, will help the local communities to improve their social and economic conditions.



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Team info

Loreto Alonso
Nadia Grasso
Esteban Gutierrez La Torre
Julio Sebastian Coronel Barrera