The challenge

The people are protein conscious and our world is protein deficient, About half of the earth's land is used for feeding animals and overexploitation of fishing is common and the majority is used for producing animal feed. A huge amount of protein is produced from livestock which is accelerating deforestation and biodiversity loss. How can we make our daily diet more appetizing and nutritious at the same time sustainably?

The solution

The only alternative is to generate sustainable protein from an existing plant source and the best source is moringa which contains 9 times more protein than plain yogurt. Moringa thrives in countries where malnutrition prevails and I have found the methods to use it wisely and sustainably. Introducing a new plant to our environment will only cause more deforestation and using an already existing and obliterated plant like moringa will be a revolution in sustainable protein. Muringano masala is an innovative product created with the combination of traditional Indian spices and organic moringa which can make your daily diet mouthwatering and nutritious with high protein by adding Muringano masala to pasta, spaghetti, mashed potato and whatever you can think off.


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