The challenge

Food waste is a massive global issue. Approximately 88 million tons of food are getting wasted throughout the whole food supply chain. The second largest "food-waster" is the food industry itself, right behind the end-consumer. Mostly, byproducts of the industry are getting wasted, which are of high quality and if utilized efficiently new and tasty food could be produced. Our problem focusses on byproducts of the breweries, specifically brewer's spent grain (BSG). Throughout the yearly beer production, approximately 170 million kg of BSG are produced, which differs among breweries. Part of it is used as animal feed, but still most of it is getting wasted.

The solution

BSG is very rich in fiber and protein. Furthermore, BSG consists of approximately 80% of water. In this challenge we will focus on upcycling BSG. The end-product will be a high-protein, healthy and delicious non-dairy milk.



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Saskia Urlass
Alexandra Umprecht
Kira Möhle