The Waste Wheel

The Waste Wheel

Team information

Akshita Solanki

Medha Tikoo

Atisha Bhattacharjee

Our vision

The Waste Wheel aims to remove Protein deficiency by providing an alternate, cheaper Plant-based source of protein that can be consumed by the masses.

Our solution

Solution: Protein extracted from source. Opportunity: 1. Environment-friendly- recycled waste generated from the fruit industry. 2. It is a Plant-based protein 3. It is easily available and cost-efficient. Market Needs: Looking at the current trends of rising Veganism, The Waste Wheel provides a sustainable solution to address the protein deficiency by coming up with protein extracted from plants. It Cruelty-free, eco-friendly solution.

Our market

Target group: 1. Vegans, 2, Environmentally conscious people looking for sustainable protein solution, 3. People looking for cheaper sources of protein. Need that our solution meets: The "High-Quality" protein solution provided by The Waste Wheel compensates for the protein diet followed by the vegans.

About the team

The Waste Wheel team comprises of 3 dynamic individuals coming from 3 different backgrounds: Food Technology, Microbiology, and Botany. Since we come from diverse backgrounds, we take up an inter-disciplinary approach to provide a solution. Drive: Since we know that issues like Global warming, Climate change, Malnutrition are on there rise, therefore We at "The Waste Wheel" believe that every problem has a solution, and being from a scientific background, equips us with the ability to understand the gravity of the situation and come up with a solution to tackle it.