Team information

Xiaoyu Fu

Xiaoyan Hu

Our vision

ReRice extracts protein from wasted rice germ of refined rice processing in China. Most of the rice germ is recycled as the material for fermentation, oil extraction, and animal feed, which have not utilized the high protein content. In the long term, our product will be the most sustainable yet economic source of protein on the market. Our innovation will also increase the production of rice protein, thus making it globally wide-used vegan protein ingredients.

Our solution

China is the top rice-producing country in the world, and refined rice is the most consumed form of rice in China. Rice germ is usually wasted or used as animal feed during the processing of refining rice. Our protein comes from the underestimated rice germ. It will be a cheap and sustainable source of vegan protein. We will directly recycle the protein in rice germ into a high-end cycle as human consumption instead of a traditionally low-end cycle.

Our market

Our target customers are companies using plant-based protein to make certain food products like nutritional supplements, food and beverage ingredients, bakery, etc. Our customers need an economic supply of rice protein powder. The end-users need sustainable and eco-friendly food production.

About the team

We are both Master's students studying food science in the US. We are both interested in food innovational technology and have a passion of converting new food technology into real-world products.