Microalgae Technologie

Microalgae Technologie

Team information

Lilian Guerreiro De Carvalho
PHD , Brazilian

Our vision

In our projet we intend to extract protein from microalagae to use in plant based products. Also, it would be use as a supplement for people who needs improve protein consumnption. In long term we hope to have a protein with some essential amino acids , colorless and odorless and coul be used as a based or a complement to food.

Our solution

Our solution is use protein from microalgae in plant based products, in substitution of the usually known proteins. Ths is an opoortunity because the world population is increasing, tehy will need to be feed and he takes only 10 to 20 days to be cultivated and will be disponible in a short time, different from the, for example, cow protein. The industries that works with microalgae use it complete and did not separate the protein, so this is our goal.

Our market

Our target group is the industry that produces plant based products (food and beverage) and food supplement. These industries need different kinds of protein, that is not an animal protein.

About the team

We have a food engineer, a chemestry and a doctor in opur time. We intend to cultivate the microalgae, extract the protein and sell it to industry. Posteriorly wwe will aldo commercialize the carotenoids and fat present in the microalgae.

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